Patryk Enerlich is the CEO & Founder of EnerTV, as well as a graphical generalist who specializes in creating various infographics and visual effects. He began his journey by extending his skillset in 3D graphic software such as Maxon Cinema 4D in the starting months of 2015.

As a freelance graphic generalist I like to work on varied projects that help develop humanity in a creative way, giving us the ability to learn new techniques, helping to create more advanced designs. During my three years of study at the University Of Salford where I studied Media Technology, I had the chance to taste various types of motion picture projects, starting from shooting music videos, and ending up with creating a sequence of visual effects for different video production companies around the United Kingdom as well as abroad.

Our team consist of two artists – Patryk and behind my back, I’ve got Adrian Kozanecki who specializes in creating CGI elements using intensely advanced workflows. Adrian plays a significant role in our team when it comes to create more spectacular visual effects such as smoke/fire simulation, explosions, virtual environment etc.


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3D Design


Visual Effects




Matte Painting